Premium Roofing keeps your home safe and beautiful for years of enjoyment.

Roofing can be ordered in our showroom or over the phone. Mozzone Lumber will work with you to supply roofing in your price range, helping keep your New England home safe from those rough Massachusetts winters to come.  Our professional staff sees you through the process, and ensures a job done right, with your satisfaction guaranteed.


Featured Brands

BP Roofing

BP Roofing specializes in both commercial and residential roofs, providing shingles and panels one step ahead of the weather for over 100 years.

BP shingles ensure maximum protection and feature BP Weather-Tite TM technology with two bands of high-tack adhesive. The Weather-Tite® residential roof system is technologically engineered to provide maximum protection in the worst weather conditions. BP classic 3-tab shingles deliver proven performance, long-term durability, and a wide selection of colors. Our premium architectural shingles come in a rich palette of designer colors.